Simple Teething Ice Cube Hack

My girl likes to gnaw on something cold when her teeth are bothering her, and she especially likes ice. To avoid numb, chapped baby hands, I use a washcloth and a rubber band.

image-3Ivy has been a slow teether, but when they finally started “flaring up,” so to speak, I kept reading how nice a cold, frozen washcloth or ice cube could be for sore baby gums. Anyone who has held something icy for any period of time, however, knows that it can actually become painfully cold on your hands. I figured baby hands must be even more susceptible.

I have no illusions. I am positive I am not the first one to figure this simple hack out, but, for what it’s worth, there it is. This is what I do at my house, and Ivy really seems to enjoy her ice. Oftentimes, I will hand her the wrapped piece of ice and a bowl of ice cubes as well because she likes to play with them as much as she likes to suck on them. Either way, it makes her feel better.


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