Echinacea Tea Parties for Sick Days

When Ivy (or anyone really) is feeling a little under the weather, my usual regimen is generally REST and FLUIDS–water, soup, and good herbal tea with echinacea! We make it fun and palatable with a tiny tea set and triangle toast. It makes momma feel better too. 😉

A note about electrolytes: drinking an abundance of fluid can also flush out the essential salts and minerals which keep your body in balance. Replenish them with electrolyte fortified beverages or fruits and veggies rich in various electrolytes, such as lemon juice, coconut water, leafy greens, bananas, etc.

Stay Well!


Nordqvist, Christian. “What Are Electrolytes? What Causes Electrolyte Imbalance?” 24 May 2016. Accessed 10 Feb 2017.


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