5 Pretty Cool Things I Noticed When I Started Doing Yoga Everyday 

I recently started doing about 20-30 minutes of yoga every morning, usually by following a video. I need to do it EVERYday because I know I will probably “fall off the wagon” if I don’t. In the past, tomorrow has become tomorrow has become tomorrow, so I’m trying to make it a deeply entrenched habit. So far, so good! Here were some interesting side benefits (aside any body toning and weight changes).
1. I Sleep Better

With everything I’m trying to accomplish as a single mom, I sometimes only end up getting about 6 hours (give or take) of sleep every evening. So, I need to make those rest hours count. After I started doing yoga every morning, I noticed that I started feeling well rested even if I hadn’t slept for as many hours as I would normally like. I suppose perhaps I am more relaxed and I sleep deeper. That’s pretty awesome!

2. I Don’t Eat As Much

Just as a whole, my meals got smaller and more carefully chosen after I began regularly exercising. I have a few theories. Maybe it was because I had already made the choice to be healthy for the day by exercising and so it was easier to continue that trend by eating healthy too. Maybe it was because I was more in tune with my body after exercise and what it really needed food-wise. Maybe I didn’t need the comfort of food as much because I had already gotten my mood boost from exercise. Whatever the reason, I’ll take it.

3. I Get More Done In My Day

I have often neglected exercise due to lack of time. This might have been a completely legit excuse, but I am pleased to note that setting aside extra time for yoga in the morning actually seems to generate more productivity in my day, if not actual extra clock minutes. This might be due to the awakening and energizing physical effects of yoga, but, personally, I think it’s psychologically driven. I feel like I’ve already accomplished something and so I am inspired to accomplish more.

4. I Have More Energy–Even After A Tough Yoga Practice

Few things can melt you down in quite the same way as an intense yoga routine, and I relish taking shavasana (wherein you lie in a pile for a nice rest) at the end of class as much as anyone else. However, once I’ve moved on with my day–showered, eaten, whatever–I feel the opposite of fatigued. I feel energized and I have a lot more zest to go about my day. Yoga is definitely one of those investments where you spend energy to make (a lot) more energy.

5. I’m More Patient & Focused

Yoga is  not just about “working out.” It combines breathing with movement for an experience both strenuous and meditative. Putting yoga in front of my day is refreshing and clarifying for both my body and mind, so I end up more calm and focused throughout the day. Every part of my day, particularly being mom to a toddler, benefits from the extra patience.


All in all, I am holding on tight to this new routine. The yoga lifestyle is not just about fitness–it affects all aspects of your life.


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