Desert Spring Flowers of the Mojave

The plentiful winter rains in Southern California have really brought the Mojave Desert to life for those of us who call it home. The warm sun on the new plants and blossoms evokes the most wonderful spring scent. I love desert springtime!

Photo Mar 22, 10 45 55 AM
Desert dandelion (Malacothrix californica)



Here is Ivy with one of the lovely yellow flowers that are growing in large clusters everywhere.









Photo Mar 22, 3 23 34 PM
“Teddy Bear” Cholla Cactus Flower

These are our early cactus blossoms! I can’t wait for the other colors to arrive on the other cacti varieties. Purples, scarlet, oranges… 

Photo Apr 01, 6 46 06 PM
Can anyone tell me what these are, please?

These are so tiny and delicate. They remind me of miniature iris. 

Photo Mar 22, 10 48 51 AM
Creosote Bush (Larrea tridentata) Blossoms

One of my all time favorite is creosote. I just love the way this plant smells year round, and especially in the rain. There’s nothing quite like it. So refreshing!

Photo Apr 01, 6 45 49 PM
Wild Heliotrope (Phacelia distans)

This lavender beauty was very prolific up in our nearby Joshua Tree National Park. 

Photo Apr 01, 7 04 04 PM
Goldenbush (Ericameria linearifolia)
Photo Apr 01, 7 13 08 PM
Mojave Yucca (Yucca schidigera)

Perhaps I saved the best for last. The yucca plants were all displaying their heavy heads full of succulent white blossoms up in Joshua National Park again. If you can get close enough to them without being stabbed by the fierce leaves, the smell is amazingly sweet and fragrant.

Photo Apr 01, 6 49 52 PM

The sun was setting on a cool evening in Joshua Tree Park. 


These photos are a meager handful of the desert flowers and rich plant life happening in the Mojave this time of year. We try to get outside as often as possible to enjoy it, always looking for new and interesting desert wildflowers. 



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