The Perfect Gift for My Mom Was a Hedgehog PinCushion (Easy Sewing Pattern Included!)

It was my mother’s birthday recently, and I wanted to get her something that she would actually, well…use? She is a wonderful seamstress who passed her love for sewing down to me, so I decided to get out my needles and threads to make her something special. I hit upon the idea of replacing the ancient tomato pincushion she’s been using for decades with a brand new one!

But why the tomato? It’s traditional, of course. But maybe we could do something else… What would make actual SENSE to have pins sticking out of it?

A hedgehog.

A spiky, cute, rough little hedgehog, of course! And I know I am not the first person to have this stroke of genius. Just type it into Pinterest and you’ll see.

So, I drew some general shapes on paper, used them to cut some fabric waiting in my scrap bag to be used, and sewed it all together in about 30 minutes. I love it when projects come together with so little pain. With a little stuffing and decorative beads, there he was, peering up at me. I transferred all of my mom’s pins to his back and his hedgehog look was complete. My mom unwrapped him from a pretty gift bag on her birthday, promptly loved him, and he is now sitting happily on her sewing table.

IMG_0616Of course, since Mr. Hedgehog is a small, soft creature, my little girl, Ivy, also adored him, so I made her one of her own the next day. My sisters, reportedly unable to resist the cuteness, have also put orders in. If genesis matches demand we may soon be awash in tiny round cushion creatures. Wasn’t this an episode of Star Trek? Should I be worried?

If this little guys looks like someone you would like to take home as well, the very easy pattern is available for sale below. You can have him perched on your craft table in under an hour. They make great presents and Mother’s Day IS coming up. They would make adorable mother’s day gifts. 😉




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